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What Are The Most Important Church Fashion Rules?

Attend to church services can be a great moment on your week, as it is a moment for reflection and connection with a higher spiritual matter. Nowadays, culture and society dress code is becoming more and looser, totally backwards on what the church etiquette can require sometimes. But what are the limits when it comes do dressing for church? Is there a church etiquette that must be followed in order to attend church? In this article we bring a reflection on church fashion today and also tips to dress well, without overtake church dressing codes.

As the bible itself says on 1 Peter 3:3, “let your adornment be the inner self with the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is very precious in God’s sight”. So first of all, let’s remember the golden rule for church fashion: common sense. Being respectful and modest is the ultimate goal here, as well as getting pretty too. Doesn’t is a problem to dress well and stay on trend when dressing for church, but you need to think if it’s the right ambient to you for show some kind of clothing models.


In North America, Oceania and Europe, up until circa the mid-1970s it was often expected that worshippers wore their best clothes to church services (known colloquially as the Sunday best). This tradition still exists but has declined in many mainstream churches but is still much in evidence in the Southern Baptist and Latter-day Saint traditions in USA, and in many black evangelical churches.

In order to have a most respectful atmosphere, most churches advice their members to dress for the occasion with a good sense of dignity and composure. Although there is more “liberal” churches today, most of them still have this heritage from past generations of dressing properly for Sunday.

To make sure you are dressed the right way you must ask yourself a question: “Am I dressing for other members to see me, or to go on church and praise God?” This primal question defines what you can and what you can’t wear, basically. To show too much skin, both for men and women, is not good and not very educated to do on church as well, so make sure to use clothes that cover you well. Blazers, coats and tailluers are great options. Skirts with more length are also much recommended, with more conservative version of pants also being allowed as well.

Remember: Just because it has to be modest, does not mean it can’t be fashionable. Just make sure to not leave a lot of your skin exposed. Overly glitzy jewelry or expensive accessories should   also be avoided. Avoid wear anything above the knees, because while there is not any exact measurement that’s appropriate, make sure to avoid showing too much of your body or dressing in a way that would send signals that go against your tenets of the faith. Also refrain yourself from wearing transparent.

Also take care when it comes to foot wear. When going to church, just make sure the heel is lower than 3 inches (not high stilettos-type). Pumps compliment pencil skirts or pants.  If heels aren’t your thing, flats are also appropriate. Coordinate your shoe color with your outfit, but avoid loud colors like a deep red or bright pinks and greens. The focus should not be on you, but on the Lord. Read More


How to Dress Properly on Church

Times are changing every day, and religion is not different from other subjects. Nowadays, most of that feeling of sacred related to church was lost. That is a negative side, as Christianity is one of the cornerstones of western civilization, and also to preserve that sense of holy is to preserve our most beloved traditions. Today most of people don’t go to church, and most of the ones that go don’t even know what they are doing there. Dressing properly is necessary while attending church, as a sign of respect both for God and for our community. This article talk about some tips very useful when it comes to dress to right way to attend church.


Don’t dress to impress:

As the popular adage says, don’t dress to impress for the Sunday mass. It gives us our first important lesson here: moderation. The church meeting means a moment for concentration and reflection, when you forget about the week problems and just connect with God and his spiritual energy. Using flamboyant or very colorful clothes don’t get along well with the environment, and can take out the concentration of others too. Also, the bible exalts moderation on speaking and dressing as a good quality, and there’s no better place to demonstrate it than the house of God itself.

For Women:

It’s important to remember that Church reunions are social gatherings, not a party or a night-out with friends. Remember to avoid and eliminate backless and low-cut dresses, spaghetti straps, tank tops or anything that shows too much. No one said, although, you can’t be fashionable. That’s a lot of possibilities of dressing with style and beauty, whilst maintaining the right conservative way to attend church. Also overly glitzy jewelry or over expensive accessories should be avoided, as humility and humbleness are qualities often remembered on the Bible.

Don’t wear anything that rises above your knee. There’s not an exactly measurement or length of clothing that’s considered bad or good, but common sense is highly valuated here. Avoid showing skin or using clothes too tight, which can turn personal private parts visible to everybody – anything transparent is forbidden. Again: use common sense. What is good for one may not be good for another. Try to dress thinking what would be the most accurate to the occasion, always remembering you are not dressing for impress others. Concentrate on humble your heart before God, so your looks will reflect the inside and show the piety that is important to every believer.

For men:

Avoid using hats or other head accessories. For most of Christian traditions, to enter a church with your head covered is a sign of disrespect, especially Roman Catholic Church. In the western culture in general, it’s a sign of respect to take off your hat, whatever it may be, to show respect to superior authorities. What can be more powerful authority than God Himself?

If you never have attended to a church service before, you can talk with members of that community before going, asking what the proper dress code to be used is. Remember: stay moderate, conservative, avoid exaggerations and remember you’re in the church to serve and respect God and others beside you.

6 Quick Hairstyles for Church for Busy Women

Going to church and appreciating what God has given you is a very good way to start your day. But due to our busy schedule, many of us can’t make it to the church every day before work, but we try to attend the mass on Sunday morning. There are people though, who wakes up early and visits the church before going to the office. Whether you go to the church every morning or only on Sunday, it’s an important morning ritual and you can’t be late for it. If you are not a morning person that it will be difficult for you to get up early and get ready for the church. You can choose the dress you are going to wear and iron it properly the night before. But what are you going to do about your hair? You can’t do that at night! Here are some quick hairstyle ideas for the church that you can try every day.

Thin braid


This is an illustration of a thin braid hairstyle


Take a streak of hair on one side, do a nice braid and secure it with a rubber band. Do same with the other side of the hair; that is, take another thin streak of hair, make a braid and secure it with a simple rubber band. Then pull the two braids to the back of the head. Do a small knot and form like a nice ring. Secure it with pins. Yes, it’s that simple!

Knotted half up


This is an illustrated drawing of the knotted half up hairstyle.

Take two small sections of hair from both sides and do a knot at the back of the head. Secure the hair in position with pins. Comb the rest of the hair neatly. It’s just perfect to start your day!


This is an illustrated drawing of a pony tail hairstyle.

You can do a ponytail at your crown and it will look very fashionable. But if you do it towards your neck area, you will look more down-to-earth. Whichever style of ponytail you choose, you should back-comb your hair and straighten it by running the comb from the top downwards. Use a band to secure the ponytail. Make sure the band is simple, and not something glittery that might be inappropriate for the church.


This is an illustrated drawing of the bun hairstyle.

You can slide a headband over your head. Make sure the headband is stretchy so that you can slide your hair into it. Then tuck all the hair at the back into the headband, forming a nice bun.

Leave it open

This is an illustrated drawing of a let down hair.

You can leave your hair open by combing it well so that it remains in place. After taking shower, you can apply some hair serum to prevent any flyaways. If you have hair that comes in front of your face, secure hair with pins. You should look neat when you go to the church.

Braided ponytail

First, make a simple ponytail and secure your hair with a rubber band. Then create a nice braid all the way downwards, securing the end with another rubber band. This is a simple style but looks quite fashionable.

This is an illustrated picture of a braided ponytail hairstyle.

These simple hairstyles take only a few minutes to complete. These are very elegant styles that are perfect for the church every morning. So, you don’t need to panic thinking of your hair before going to the church anymore. If you have long hair, you can also try: 5 Long Hairstyles for Church.


How to Wear your Hair for Church

How you dress and style your hair when going to church is a very contentious issue with some puritans decrying any beautification.


What the Bible Says:

There are two specific portions of the Bible which refer to personal attire. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 says “.. in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but which is proper for women professing godliness.”

1 Peter 3:3- 4 says, “Do not let your adornment be that outward adorning of arranging the hair, of wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, which the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.

Looking at these passages, you would be inclined to think that women should not wear gold jewelry and should never braid their hair. But does the bible indeed forbade you from styling your hair? Most historians believe Paul was just trying to stress the need to be modest and not draw attention to oneself. He refers to braided hair, gold, and costly clothing to describe what needed to be avoided. During his time, that is the first century these three were the main reasons that drew the attention to the women.

Paul wanted women to stop trying to impress others with gaudy dresses and instead dress in that “which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works.”

In essence, God does not forbid us from wearing our clothes and our hair in a modest, elegant manner.

How do you wear your hair:

Some churches expect women to cover their hair when attending service. So wearing a scarf or a shawl will be a good choice in such cases. You can also wear hair in a manner that does not offend the sensibilities of the congregation. You should avoid overly elaborate hairstyles that draw attention. Artificial coloring has to be avoided too.

Keep your hairstyle simple. You might want to wear a ponytail, or you can also put a clip in it. Leaving it all down too works. You can add some elegance to the hair by straightening it or putting a few waves in the hair. Some churches prohibit styles like side swept bangs, Egyptian Cleopatra look, spikes, curly strands and the list is endless. You should find a form that is suitable, dignified and not difficult to maintain. You should desist changing your style to the latest fad. The hairstyle should be attractive without drawing attention to yourself. Accessories to the hair should be simple and conservative.

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