4 Natural Hairstyles for Church

Women of African descent have coiled and curly hair. This actually represents their root. In the last few decades, due to the invention of new hair styling products, these women started to transform their hair to match the contemporary hairstyle. They used hair straightening products to get rid of their curls. But recently, the natural hair movement started encouraging the African women to keep their original hairstyle. There is no doubt that it can be difficult to manage your natural hair, especially when going to church. But there are some great hairstyles that will make you look appropriate for the church. If you have an African origin, then here are some natural hairstyles for the church.


It is very easy to create this hairstyle. Before you start, you need to moisturize your hair first. You need an elastic band for this hairstyle. Just use the band to hold back the hair. You can style the front part with a flat twist. This style is perfect for any length of hair.


This is an example of a chic ponytail

Other than the middle front section of the hair, make small twists with the rest of your hair. Then take the front middle section of the hair to the back and secure it with some hairpins. Use a rubber hairband to make a ponytail at the back. This hairstyle is very simple and quick.

Flat twist

This hairstyle also takes just minutes. You should moisturize your hair first. Then make twists on your hair. You don’t need to section hair much, so it’s very easy to do. Even if your hair is not in the best condition, you will look good with this hairstyle.


This is what a pretty bun looks like.

You need to apply some moisturizer and spray in your hair first. Then take an elastic strap or a hair rope and tie a knot around the head. Tuck in the rest of the hair you have to form a bun.

Natural hair looks very pretty. Its unique texture makes it possible to have some unique styles that are not possible with other types of hair. Your natural hair will speak of your origin and make you look beautiful. These hairstyles are quick to do and perfect for going to church. You won’t need to worry about the wearisome hair anymore. You will look simple and elegant with these super easy hairstyles for going to the church. (Also Read: How to wear your hair for Church).