5 Easy Updo Hairstyles for Church

When you go to church your dress should be simple and elegant. Your hair must look clean and simple too. Anything extravagant with making you look out of place. So, when you style up your hair for the church you should look for something simple. Updo hairstyles can be very convenient for the church. Your hair will be tied up; so you won’t need to worry about managing your hair while you are in the church praying. Here are some of the updo hairstyles you can try for the church.

Fauxhawk hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for middle length to long hair. You will need a number of rubber bands for this style. First, take a section of your front middle hair and fix it with a pin at the crown of your head. Then take the rest of the hair that is lying on your shoulder and back and make a high ponytail with the help of a rubber band. Move a little downwards and tie your ponytail with another rubber band and then another. This way you will have taken a section of hair on your ponytail and have fixed them with rubber bands. This hairstyle looks great with jeans, leather jacket or even a dress.


Bun is very simple hairstyle.

For this bun, you will need some bobby pins and Japanese steel pins. First, you will need to segment your hair in the middle. Then pull all your hair up and create a bun using bobby and Japanese stell pins. This is a very simple hairstyle, yet gives you a classy look.

Curl and twist

You need some bobby pins and hairspray for this great updo hairstyle for the church. If you have long hair then it will be very easy for you to style your hair this way. First, you need to take out bang section that is 2-inch wide. Secure this hair using bobby pins. Then loosen some of the hairs. There is some hair left on each side of the heart that you should move up by running your index fingers. Make a low ponytail and twist it towards the back of the head. The leftover hair must be secured with bobby pins. You should then use hairspray to fix your hair.

Knotty hairstyle

Here's how to do a knotty hairstyle.

You should brush your hair so that it’s smooth. This style is appropriate for long hair. First, you should part your hair in the middle so that you have two halves down to the neck. Spray serum on both the sections. Use elastic to secure the bottom part of each section of hair. Then twist the hair and move it upwards. Wrap the two parts of hair around each other so that it looks like a rope. Finally, spray some hairspray to secure the hair.

Milkmaid braid

You should first make a side ponytail. Then create braids all the way down. Pull the end of the braid over your head and to the other side of the head. Pin it up so that it doesn’t come off. This is a very elegant and classy hairstyle.

Most of these hairstyles will look good on medium or long hair. These updo hairstyles are easy to create. You will look appropriately dressed for the church.