5 Long Hairstyles for Church

When you plan to attend a church service, you have to wake up very early in the morning. You won’t get much time to dress up and do your hair. You must make sure that you should look simple when you go to church; you shouldn’t do anything flashy to catch people’s eyes. Church hairstyles must be simple so that it makes you look good and elegant. If you have long hair, it can be very hard to manage. Styling long hair early in the morning can be a real challenge. Here are some hairstyles you can pick for your long hair before going to a church.

High ponytail

This is a high pony tail hairstyle that you could wear at the church.

If you are running late for the church service then you can just quickly make a high pony tail. You can pin up the hairs that are falling over your face. This way you won’t have to constantly move away from those hairs while attending the church service.

Let it down

This girl just left her hair down and ironed it for a sleeker finish.

If you have taken a bath in the morning, then you can simply use a hairdryer to dry up your hair. Then using a comb, brush your hair till it’s smooth. If you have the time, you can iron your hair as well and let it stand loose on your shoulder and back.

Curl and twist

This hairstyle will look classy on any church event.

For this hairstyle, you need some bobby pins and a hairspray. You will have to first create a few inches of bang section and pin it up using the bobby pins. Divide the leftover section into two parts. With the left part of your hair make a low ponytail and then twist it twice. Insert it in hair at the back. Do the same thing with the hair on the right-hand side. Then pin up the two twists together using another bobby pin. Your hair is securely tied up and you won’t have to worry about any stray hair while attending the church.

Knotty hairstyle

This knot is easy to do, and is perfect for going to church.

First, you will need to brush your hair properly so that it feels smooth. For this style, you need two hair elastics and hairspray. First, divide the hair in the middle. Secure each section of hair with a hair elastic. Twist the two sections inwards and wrap them like a rope. Secure your hair with some large bobby pins. You should use hairspray to control the fly-aways.

Chic pony style

Wearing your pony like this is chic and sleek.

In the morning before attending the church service, you may not get the time to wash your hair properly. If you have unwashed hair then also this hairstyle will look good. You need styling cream, hair elastic, bobby pins and hairspray for this hairstyle. You need to make a low ponytail and secure your hair with elastic. You should tuck or pin any stray hair with bobby pins and hairspray.

Having long hair can be very troublesome sometimes. Before going to church, you will often have to worry about what to do with your long hair. These simple hairstyles will look great on you. These take very less time to do, so is ideal if you are visiting church early in the morning.