6 Short Hairstyles for Church

Church is a place where you pray and spend some spiritual time. It’s a place where many people go, especially on a Sunday. You can’t go to a church without dressing properly; it will look inappropriate. Like your dress, you must choose your hairstyle cautiously for the church. Afterall, you don’t want eyes turning to you as if you are an alien. People with short hair often think that nothing special can be done to their hair. But it’s actually a misconception. You can style your short hair in many ways. Here are some of the short hairstyles for the church.


Curls look fresh and young.

If you have neck-length hair, then this style will give some volume to the hair. You should first make a number of sections in your short hair. Use a curling iron to curl these sections. That’s it! Your hair will get the volume you’d always looked for.

Bang braid

This is a very simple and elegant hairstyle and looks good on the neck to shoulder length hair. You should take three strands at the top of your head and braid them twice. Then you must place the first and third strands together. Use a new strand as a replacement for the second strand this time. You should do this all the way down and then pin up the hair on the back or side.

Knotted updo

For this style, first, you will need to divide your hair into two low ponytails. Then you should twist each of the ponytails tightly. Then use a pin to secure the hair and put on some hairspray so that it stays right in place.

Twisted buns

This hairstyle is ideal for shoulder length hair. You have to make three low ponytails. Make three buns out of those ponytails. Then secure the buns with pins. Push up the buns a little to create volume.

Double braids

Double braids will make you think of the all time favorite cartoon and book character, Judy Abbot.

In this hairstyle, you will first need to part the hair in the middle section. Then take about 2 inches of hair section in the front to create braids all the way down and use a rubber band to tie the end. Create another similar braid on its side. Now repeat this procedure for the other side of the head. Do the same for the other side. You will look very smart with this hairstyle.

Twist and knot

First, you will need to part your hair on the side. Then take a section of hair, twist it and tie the middle section into a knot with a pin. Do this for 3 sections of hairs. You can then pin the end of the strands either on the side of your head or towards the back.

So, now you know that you can actually create a number of short hairstyles for the church. It is recommended that you shampoo your hair the day before so that styling your hair can be easy.