How to Dress Properly on Church

Times are changing every day, and religion is not different from other subjects. Nowadays, most of that feeling of sacred related to church was lost. That is a negative side, as Christianity is one of the cornerstones of western civilization, and also to preserve that sense of holy is to preserve our most beloved traditions. Today most of people don’t go to church, and most of the ones that go don’t even know what they are doing there. Dressing properly is necessary while attending church, as a sign of respect both for God and for our community. This article talk about some tips very useful when it comes to dress to right way to attend church.


Don’t dress to impress:

As the popular adage says, don’t dress to impress for the Sunday mass. It gives us our first important lesson here: moderation. The church meeting means a moment for concentration and reflection, when you forget about the week problems and just connect with God and his spiritual energy. Using flamboyant or very colorful clothes don’t get along well with the environment, and can take out the concentration of others too. Also, the bible exalts moderation on speaking and dressing as a good quality, and there’s no better place to demonstrate it than the house of God itself.

For Women:

It’s important to remember that Church reunions are social gatherings, not a party or a night-out with friends. Remember to avoid and eliminate backless and low-cut dresses, spaghetti straps, tank tops or anything that shows too much. No one said, although, you can’t be fashionable. That’s a lot of possibilities of dressing with style and beauty, whilst maintaining the right conservative way to attend church. Also overly glitzy jewelry or over expensive accessories should be avoided, as humility and humbleness are qualities often remembered on the Bible.

Don’t wear anything that rises above your knee. There’s not an exactly measurement or length of clothing that’s considered bad or good, but common sense is highly valuated here. Avoid showing skin or using clothes too tight, which can turn personal private parts visible to everybody – anything transparent is forbidden. Again: use common sense. What is good for one may not be good for another. Try to dress thinking what would be the most accurate to the occasion, always remembering you are not dressing for impress others. Concentrate on humble your heart before God, so your looks will reflect the inside and show the piety that is important to every believer.

For men:

Avoid using hats or other head accessories. For most of Christian traditions, to enter a church with your head covered is a sign of disrespect, especially Roman Catholic Church. In the western culture in general, it’s a sign of respect to take off your hat, whatever it may be, to show respect to superior authorities. What can be more powerful authority than God Himself?

If you never have attended to a church service before, you can talk with members of that community before going, asking what the proper dress code to be used is. Remember: stay moderate, conservative, avoid exaggerations and remember you’re in the church to serve and respect God and others beside you.