Modest and Cute Ideas to Wear to Church

Whether you like it or not, you are expected to dress modestly when you go to Church. In the early days of the Church people used to wear bland robes, which were more like pillowcases with cutouts for the hands and legs. We have come a long way from then, but even today, you have to dress appropriately for the Church, if you do not want to ruffle the sentiments of the gathering. However, being modest does not mean you should not be fashionable. Here are some ideas on how to dress appropriately for Church.


Think Conservative:

When deciding on the outfit for attending Church thinks very conservative. Most churches still have a strict dress code and violating this system is not taken lightly. You are better-off leaving out the backless and low cut dresses when dressing for Church. Any clothing exposing your midriff is frowned upon, as are transparent dresses, spaghetti straps, and tank tops.

Avoid short dresses:

Most churches expect women to wear appropriate dresses. Choosing darker non-lace tops can help in avoiding wearing something that is see through. You may have to settle for a midi, maxi or angle length skirt to meet the dress code requirements of your church.  You should avoid anything that rises above the knee. There are no set standards for the length of the dress that you can wear, use your common sense to select one that will not offend the faithful. In cases you are not comfortable wearing a dress, you can go with a pair of dark pants. A dark top and blazer will make you look stylish yet conservative. You should avoid stretch pants or leggings though.

The Footwear:

Dressing appropriately for church includes choosing a good set of footwear. You can choose to wear heels or flats but wearing sneakers is not appropriate. But the heels should be somewhere below 3 inches. Avoid loud colors like red or bright pink.


Some churches specifically require headwear for women like a scarf or shawl. Forgetting this may not get you thrown out of Church, but you are sure to cause a few frowns. You should ideally choose simple accessories. It’s time for meditation and introspection, not the time to flaunt your riches.

Dresses for Men:

You dress up to visit your friends, don’t you think you should dress your best to meet the Lord Almighty? A suit and tie would be the ideal outfit to attend Church. But if you don’t have one, you can wear a button-down shirt. The shirt should not be wrinkled or dirty.  A black pant with shiny shoes should complete the attire. You can wear khaki as an alternative to black. If you choose jeans, avoid those with holes or patches.  Never wear shorts to Church, even if it is hot. Having your shirt tucked in, wear a belt with your pant.

While Churches expect women to cover their head, they expect the men not to cover theirs. Wearing a hat inside the Church is considered disrespectful even today.